k80ts K80 Trap Special Stock Set - Factory adjustable comb with high posts, was cut down approx. 1/4" from standard with Kickeez rocker pad, Newest style with off set comb, excellent condition.

  Slightly used 692 Sporting stock and rounded forearm - forearm needs fitting

  Kolar Stock set for adjustable rib sporting gun - LEFT HANDED, adjustable comb with additional soft comb, had crack in stock which has been repaired.  adjustable butt plate,  Some handling marks. 

k8g K80 Trap Stock with G-Square style recoil system stock and soft comb. Approx. 14 1/2" LOP

  Beretta 686/687/682 Trap stock, lowered adjustable comb and slightly short, additional soft comb. Slightly shorter LOP at 14 1/4" with kickeez pad. 

ber20g  Beretta 20 gauge wood set with oil finish (forearm is for 28ga barrels)

US Used Silver Seitz stock set for low or medium rib, adj comb with extra soft comb--14-1/2" length of pull